Member Contributions

Chris Cairns

Safety Valve Vent Hole Details

Chris Oakes

Danny Vanstraelen

Hornby Rolling Road Modification

Hornby Transformer Voltage Settings

Improving Teak Coaches

Eric Fenwick

How to dismantle an A4 Loco

How To Refurbish Your Tender  

Changing A4 Piston Seals 

How to Rename & Renumber a Loco

A4 Mallard to Sir Nigel Gresley (SNG)

Mallard to Dominion of Canada

Ken Sims

Build Your Own Boiler

Mallard Tender Wheels

Convert an A3 to a West Country

Markus Henne

Add Live-Drive Functionality to a Hornby Controller

Michiel Dijkstra

Stained Glass Mallard

Michael Marshman

Loco Component Diagam

Mike Dunn

Isinglass Drawings

Resistance Soldering

Nick Beard

Assemble a Live Drive Controller Kit

Live-Drive to Fly-Drive

Loco Components Photo

Richard Hallam

Steam Generation

Robert Evans

Robert Smith

How To . . Retime an OOLS A4 Loco

Irregular Timing

Faulty Steam Valve Chest

Slow Running

Steam Leaks

Unpredictable reversing & Exploding Capacitor

OOLS Loco Heat map

Robin Mosedale

Getting Started - Minimum Radius

Minimum Track Radius and Front Bogie Arcing

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