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OOLS Club News

21 Sep 2019

Roadshow Events Update

Further confirmed events for 2020 added to the Roadshow Events page

Another new event - Crawley Model Railway Society, Horsham, East Sussex

The 2020 National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition at Doncaster

A return to the 2020 Great Central Railway/Soar Valley MRC 

21 Sep 2019

Copy Of -Roadshow Events Update

Confirmed events for 2020 added to the Roadshow Events page

2020 sees a new event added for the Manchester area - Railex Poynton

05 Aug 2019

Hornby Transformer Voltage Settings

Changing the Hornby Transformer voltage settings between 115V and 230V

07 Jun 2019

New Members Projects Pages

The new Members Projects page will provide access to documents and videos via a hierarchical structure. The main headings or categories, such as Loco Mods, Loco Repairs, Rolling Stock, Baseboards, Control, etc. link to individual pages relative to that subject.

These pages then contain links to all the individual videos and/or documents that have been provided by the club members. There is also an alternative way to access the videos and documents available by using the Members Contributions page.

29 Apr 2019

OOLS Decision Log Updated

Replacement Roadshow backdrop system and graphics design added to the Committee Decisions Log

26 Apr 2019

Events Page Updated

The 2019 OOLS club Summer Meet dates added to the Roadshow Events page

12 Apr 2019

Home Page Buttons

The location of several of the Home page oval button has been changed to make it easier to link to some of the ket information pages

12 Apr 2019

Live_Drive 'How To' document update

The 'How To . . Assemble a Live-Drive Controller Kit' document has been updated with information on  alternative wiring colours that may be supplied in the Live-Drive kit

12 Apr 2019

Forum Members Page Update

The members page has been updated to clearly indicate that it only includes members who have chosen to sign up to the forum section of the site.

07 Apr 2019

New links and videos added

'Club Special' short video and link to the 'Limited editions' page added to the 'Home' page

'Have a Go' short video and link to the 'Club Roadshow Layout' page

New 'Club Special - Limited Editions' page created

'Roadshow Overview' and 'Have a Go' videos added to the Club Roadshow Layout page

03 Apr 2019

Events page updated

Events page updated..

16 Mar 2019

Two October dates added to the Roadshow Events page

Locomotion - Shildon Model Railway Club Exhibition and The Midland Model Engineering Exhibition

26 Feb 2019

Committee Decisions log updated

Replace the current Roadshow backdrop system with a 5m double sided Fabric Exhibition Stand and free standing 4m double sided flag

12 Feb 2020

Roadshow Events Page Updated

Roadshow Events Page Updated

31 Jan 2019

Show Report Photos

A little late . . photos from the last three shows attended by the Roadshow added to the forum Roadshow Events section. Weymouth, Peterborough and the London Model Engineering Show.

21 Jan 2019

Forum software updated

WiX have now updated the forum software and the alert icon now works as you would expect. Click on it to display a list of new and recent posts on the site. Unread posts are identified by a colored dot. This disappears once a post has been read and the page refreshed.

16 Jan 2019

Roadshow Events Page Updated

Two more Roadshow events confirmed for May 2019


National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2019

Manchester MRX (Museum of Transport)


06 Jan 2019

Club Committee Member Page updated

Following the establishment of a working committee and the 2018 AGM personnel change the OOLS Committee Members page has been updated.

31 Dec 2018

2018 AGM Notes added

A link to 'Club Management & Constitution, AGM Notes' section where the notes of the 2018 AGM can be viewed

30 Dec 2018

Mallard Speed Challemge

The results of the Speed Challenge - held in early December at the Festival of British Railway Modelling at Peterborough

23 Dec 2018

Forum Update

Notifications to your email or your Members notification page will now link directly to the relevant comment on the page so for discussions covering several pages this removes the need to scroll through the pages to reach the new post.

13 Dec 2018

Roadshow Events page updated

A new venue not previously visited by the club added to the Roadshow events page

21 Nov 2018

Limited Edition Club Special

Following extensive research and testing a club special limited edition offer has been added to 'The Engine Shed' page

21 Nov 2018

Forum Profiles Issue

The Forum Profile not responding to clicks issue has now been resolved

18 Nov 2018

Forum Page Navigation

Page number shortcuts have been added to the top left of the forum pages allowing quick access once a discussion fills one or more page. There are also > (next page), >> last page, < (previous Page) and << (first page) options

25 Oct 2018

Photo/video Albums link added to the 'Home' page

A new photo/video display app has been added to the site and can be access via the 'OOLS Photo & Videos' button located on the 'Home' page

25 Oct 2018

New buttons added to the Home page

'The OOLS Roadshow' and 'OOLS Club Shop' buttons added to the home page to help improves site navigation and access to relevant information

06 Sep 2018

'Forum Navigation Help' and 'Set/Change Your Forum Profile Details' buttons added

I have just completed an update to the WiX forum software and also the member’s page header bar and as a result the way some of the things work has changes slightly.


These buttons link to help help files that explain how the system now works.


24 Aug 2018

Broken forum link to the 'Last Twelve' post page

Following a forum software update the link to view the last 12 posts page was broken. This has now been fixed.

11 Aug 2018

Forum posts update

The latest WiX update now provides some additional capabilities in relation to forum posts.

When creating or replying to a post a number of icons now appear at the bottom left. These allow you add one or more of the following:-

An individual image

A gallery of images

A video

A divider

An emoji

06 Aug 2018

Roadshow Events page updated

2019 event locations and dates added to the Roadshow Events page

25 Jul 2018

Loco information links now complete

All the Homepage loco information links have now been restored and can be used to view information on the real locos and details of the Hornby models

25 Jul 2018

Committee decision Log updated

​Decision 2018 34 – Compressor & air-tools for use with Roadshow added 

21 Jul 2018

Committee decision Log updated

Decision 2018 33 – Accutrack II Speedometer added

20 Jul 2018

Button added to forum page to link to the 12 most recent forum posts

Taking advantage of a new WiX feature the button links to a page listing the 12 most recent posts made on the forum. This will help ensure that forum members don't miss anything that might be of interest.

19 Jul 2018

Dwight D. Eisenhower Loco Page added

​Information about both the real loco and about the Hornby Dwight D. Eisenhower OO Live Steam model

09 Jul 2018

New OOLS Club Management Forum Section added

The place for all matters relating to the Committee, Committee Decisions or Club Management

09 Jul 2018

Three new testimonials added

Following the 2018 Summer Meet three new testimonials have been added to the section

30 Jun 2018

Model Mallard Speed Challenge

Added the Model Mallard Speed Challenge event details to the Roadshow Events page.

29 Jun 2018

Social Media Policy

OOLS Social Media Policy created and implemented

Norman Woollons and Nick Beard appointed as Social Media Editors

25 Jun 2018

Mallard Speed Challenge

Home page link and Speed Challenge information pag added

23 May 2018

Member Data Privacy Policy Added

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (known as the GDPR) will come into effect. The aim is to protect the personal data of all EU citizens. This new club Member Data Privacy Policy complies with the GDPR requirements

22 May 2018

Tesimonial Page Updated

New testimonial added

25 Jun 2018

Model Mallard Speed Challenge Home page link and details page added

Information about the Model Mallard Speed Challenge promotion

27 Mar 2018

New Testimonial Added

From Tim Lyons, Beijing

09 Mar 2018

Testimonials Page and menu link added

A link to a new 'Testimonials' page added to the main menu bar

27 Feb 2018

Seagull loco page added

Information about both the real loco and about the Hornby Seagull OO Live Steam model

22 Feb 2018

OOLS Club AGM Notes link added

In the Club Management section a new page has been added and all the OOLS club AGM notes are now available for members to view.

21 Feb 2018

Committee Decisions Log link added to the Club Management page

A link to the committee Decision Log activated so that members can review the decisions taken by the committee between the annual AGM meetings.

16 Feb 2018

Change your User Name button added to forum page

A link to instructions on how to change your forum username

16 Feb 2018

Forum Navigation Tips button added

A link to advice on how to use the shortcuts to help navigate the forum 

30 Jan 2018

New 'Club Locomotives & Rolling Stock' page added

The Club Promise - Items sourced and checked by the club to ensure that members may buy items safe in the the knowledge that they are in an 'as described' condition and are sold at a fair price (based on current eBay pr