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Hi Club Members,

My name is John and would like to share with you some background as to why I became a Member of this Club.

At the beginning of June 2020, I was searching a well-known Auction site for anything Model Locomotive related, which I may be interested in as a potential Hobby Extension. What I discovered was Hornby Live Steam Locomotives. Further Research revealed that during 2003-4, Hornby had put a Fully Working Steam Engine, into an 'OO' Gauge sized Class A4 ‘Mallard’ locomotive. At this time, I had no real interest with Railways or Locomotives but that changed in November 2018 with Hornby’s DCC e-Link and Railmaster Software. I loved the idea of controlling Locomotives using my Laptop as well as fitting DCC, TTS and LokSound Decoders inside my Locomotives. However, this was not at the expense of appreciating the levels of amazing Engineering achieved by this Nation in bygone years, which has continued into modern day life. I was blown away by Hornby’s ability to produce and fit a fully working Steam Engine inside an 'OO' Gauge sized model. I knew then that I really wanted to own a Hornby Live Steam 'Mallard'. This became a reality on the 14th June 2020, when I made a successful Auction Bid for the Hornby R1041 Live Steam package.

After 2 Successful Steaming’s of my Live Steam 'Mallard', on Hornby's R8211 Rolling Road, 4 things struck me;

1. The 1950-60’s style build quality of the Transformer and Controller. These things have been built to last, using quality materials, which are beautifully made and presented.

2. The smell of the Oil and Steam, which took me back to my boyhood, when locomotives were King.

3. The strange sense of Achievement, operating such an amazing piece of Steam Engineering, on such a small scale.

4. This is just a Fabulous Bit of Kit.

As my knowledge relating to Hornby Live Steam Models was very limited, I decided to Register for Membership with the 'OO' Live Steam Club, which was accepted on the 20th June 2020. I subsequently purchased the Club DVD which gave me exactly the information and insight I was hoping for.

To compliment my Live Steam 'Mallard', in December 2020 I was able to purchase a Live Steam 'Flying Scotsman' through the OO LS Club. I have Uploaded to my 'YouTube' Channel, just for fun, 10 minute videos of each Locomotive in action.

1. 'Mallard'

2. 'Flying Scotsman'

I am really pleased to be a Club Member.


John K

John K

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