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OOLS Club News

Average Loco Prices

Latest average loco price update added

Knowledge Base Updates

Loco Service Section added. This means the Project Category - Loco now has three sub-categories - Loco Modifications, Loco Service and Loco Repairs

Banner texts updated

Keep broken damaged parts for possible exchange schemes notification

New Average Loco Price page added

A new page displaying average OO Live Steam loco prices has been added. Designed to help members identify a realistic price to pay for a loco

Additional Menu Bar added

A second menu bar has been added to the top of every page

OOLS Video Tutorials

The next series of OOLS Maintenance video tutorials including information on what might be considered some essential additional tools can be viewed via the 'Knowledge Base, Club and Member Projects' page or the 'Home' page 'OOLS Video Tutorials' link

OOLS 2020 AGM Meeting Notes Added

Notes from the OOLS 2020 AGM meeting held on the 12th December 2020 at 3pm UK time. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions for the first time the club switched to using online technology This change allows for more open access to the meeting so giving more members from around the world the opportunity to become involved.


Information on the online OOLS 2020 AGM posted

Testimonial Page Updated

A new testimonial from club member Les Chapman added

New Hornby Loco Overview list added

A button linking to a new page giving an overview of all of the Hornby Locos added to the 'Home' page loco section.

FSDT Limited Edition Page Updated

Ebay sale added to the list

Committee Decisions Log updated

Website subscription renewal decision added

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