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Loco Numbers

Double Tender Flying Scotsman

2006 was the 40th anniversary of the world famous "Flying Scotsman" receiving a second tender which at the time allowed the "Scotsman" to carry a total water load of 11,000 gallons giving it an operating distance of 200 - 250 miles before its tenders needed replenishing.


The addition of this extra tender gave the "Flying Scotsman" a unique presence and provided a dynamic sight when seen heading up a steam special.

To connect with the 40th anniversary in the 2nd Quarter of 2007 Hornby introduced a second iteration of Flying Scotsman in her preserved condition (during Alan Pegler’s ownership) when she reverted to Apple Green livery, single chimney, corridor tender plus a converted tender to carry additional water.


R2566 was a Limited Edition run of 1,000 models with each model complete with numbered certificate.

This register of Double Tender Flying Scotsman locos is based on data provided by loco owners in response to a request made by club member dampfmaggus on the original Hornby website way back in 2009. Although all the Hornby forum data from that time was lost when they launched their current Hornby website the seed data was retrieved from an entry located in the Wayback Machine Internet Archive.


The original OOLS website carried this listing and the data continued to be enhanced with information collected from club members. It has always been the intention to make the listing available on the new OOLS site . . . . . it has just taken a little longer than intended to 'get around to it'. . . .but it's here now!


IWhilst the list has been 'offline' data has periodically continued to be supplied via emails and anyone who would like add, update or correct any data relating to the FSDT locos should email it to

The data is ordered by Certificate number. An eBay reference applies to locos sold on eBay and not related to club members

Register of Double Tender Flying Scotsman Special Edition Loco's

Certificate No.

Boiler No.

Manufactured Date


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