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OOLS Loco Average Price

One of the first tasks for anyone seriously interested in OO Live Steam will be to obtain a loco. Sometimes one will be ‘passed down’, sometimes bought from a shop or at a show, sometimes from an auction but many will be acquired via eBay.


The cost of a loco can vary considerably and will be affected not only by the source of supply (commercial, private) but also the rarity (and therefore limited availability) of a particular loco.

The OO Live Steam Club

The club is run by enthusiasts and a great deal of effort goes into trying to ensure that members have access to all the information they will need to successfully purchase, run and maintain their locos.

One of those services that we provide is safe way to buy a loco with a guarantee and backup.

The OOLS Club Promise provides a cost effective and risk free way of both getting involved with OO Live Steam and expanding your loco collection.

The OOLS Club Promise

  • All locos and rolling stock sold by the club are at market price or less, eBay is monitored for current prices.

  • All profits from the sale of locos go to supporting the clubs aims and objectives.

  • All used locos are tested, serviced and repaired where necessary, with a three month money back guarantee.

Note - All unused locos are NOT tested unless the purchaser asks us to do so.

Outside the Protective World of the Club

For those who choose not to buy from the club we have decided to provide a guide to the average price of an OO Live Steam loco so they will have an idea if a deal is good or bad.


This has been made possible by the diligent work of club member Charles Tanswell who has kindly agreed that his research can be shared with other members. Charles also plans to provide monthly updates to the data.

The data has been compiled using the following criteria:-


  • Includes P&P

  • Prices are from eBay only (rather than other sources)

  • The data does not include locos sold as ‘Spares & Repairs’

  • Wherever possible (unlike eBay) the data does not include sales that appear to have fallen through (usually by checking with Sellers).

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