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Mallard Speed Challenge

Press Release

On Tuesday July 3rd, the 80th anniversary of steam locomotive Mallard's 126 mph record speedrun, students from Doncaster schools and colleges will attempt to break the scale speed record with live steam scale models of Mallard.

Mallard was built in Doncaster and the speed attempts will be in the Frenchgate Centre above Doncaster railway station immediately opposite, appropriately, the Mallard pub.


The event marks the launch of the Model Mallard Speed Challenge, an initiative by the OO Live Steam Club to bring long dormant Hornby models back into use.


"Hornby discontinued its live steam range 10 years ago" said club Chairman Adrian Campbell "Buyers found them tricky to run but once mastered they are great fun but youngsters having-a-go at our exhibitions always want to go faster". It gave us the idea to see just how fast they can go and try and break the record."

"This Speed Challenge is a superb project for students" said Andrew Friesen, Head of Education, Training and Performance for the National College for High Speed Rail. "Applying theory and practice to make these technical marvels go even faster will be educational as well as great fun."

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