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New Item

Golden Fleece 034

034 OOLS

NE Wartime Black Livery


Brand new never been out of the box loco.
Sold to Nigel Hoskison before being advertised on the site
Sold with Committe15 15% discount

The club continuously monitor market prices to ensure that the price offered to members is a fair one.

This brand new loco was actually manufactured around 20 years ago. During manufacture all the moving components would have been lubricated so this oil is also around 20 years old.

Steam oils are primarily mineral oils with additives to prevent the oil from thinning excessively as it heats up. Over time (around five years) these additives can break down and this means that with age, the mineral oil will lose its viscosity (thickness). If a lubricant is too thin the lubricating film may not be thick enough to prevent friction and this can result in moving parts no longer wanting to move. The wheels will feel a bit like they have been ‘glued’ together and this can prevent the loco from running.

This issue is easily resolved by stripping and cleaning the moving parts and fitting new ‘O’ rings to restore the loco to its former glory.

Note - All unused locos are NOT tested or serviced unless the purchaser asks us to do so. If requested the service is included in the price

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