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New Item

Rolling Road 028

028 OOLS

Suitable For 17 Volt Live Steam & 12 Volt DC


This is a new and unused current version R8211 Hornby Rolling Road, still available from Hornby for £119.99 (Nov 2022)

The Rolling Road is compatible with the Hornby Live Steam 17 volt system and because the rollers are also powered it can also be used with standard 12V DC locos.

At 348mm long, the Rolling Road is supplied with three pairs of adjustable rollers (additional rollers are available separately) and a bogie block that adjusts forwards and backwards within an 85mm range.

As can be seen from the photos the unit comes with the original Hornby packaged outer brown protective cardboard box

The club continuously monitor market prices to ensure that the price offered to members is a fair one.

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