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OOLS Website Failure

As many of you will be aware the OO Live Steam Club site has not been available for some time. 


The problem has been caused by the so far unexplained 'disappearance' of the data hosting company responsible for hosting the OOLS website and the OOLS forum, plus all the data backups.  I am sorry to have to inform all club members and forum users that the problem is terminal and the original site no longer be available to us.

Work has already been undertaken to retrieve as much data as possible from website caches and with the retrieved data, plus all the original documents and photos it will be possible to recreate more than 90% of the OOLS site using more modern web creation tools providing a new, slicker and more integrated experience for club members.


Although we have managed to retrieve all the public level page data to us help with the process if any of you have any download pages, or screenshots of any of the pages from the Club Members Area then we would appreciate it if you would send a copy to

​We aplogise for the inconvenience this is causing and hope you will understand that creating the new site will take time, but will be worth it. Club Shop pages are now available via the menu button.

​Whilst the forum is down if you need to contact us please send an email to

Posted 06/09/17


Chris Oakes

OO Live Steam Club Secretary

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