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OOLS Club Roadshow

Exhibition Manager Information

OO Live Steam Club: steam engines in miniature

The OO Live Steam Club specialises in running very small steam trains:  OO gauge – originally made by Hornby, but no longer in production.

We have an exhibition layout which we use to demonstrate these miniature marvels and give the public a chance to learn how to drive a real steam train or to bring and run their own locos.  Our OO steam engines exhibit many of the foibles/fun of their larger counterparts. 


The roadshow provides an added attraction at:


·         Model Rail shows

·         Model Engineering exhibitions

·         Steam in Miniature events

·         Heritage Railways


We also provide a “health clinic” to offer maintenance advice and carry out running repairs and as we are an online club, many of our members only get chance to meet up at events like yours.  The club has over 400 active members in the UK (and more further afield) who will provide additional footfall for events.


The club was set up to support OO Live Steam owners (and potential owners) in getting the best out of their Live Steam locos.   Although they were made for a relatively short time there are over 14,000 of them out there!

Why should you invite the OOLS Roadshow to your event?


It is a significant attraction.


The Roadshow Operating Team work hard to ensure that visitors to the Roadshow have a good time, contributing to the overall show 'feel good factor'.


The layout has two independent upper circuits and over 90% of the time there will be trains running.


Visitors to your show can 'Have a Go' and be taught how to drive the locos safely on our enclosed outer circuit - an enjoyable experience for them.


We provide a 'Health Clinic' to assist people with faulty or poorly performing locos.


In addition, we publicise our attendance on our own website and invite club members to the events to run their own locos - an opportunity for them to use a larger layout.


​We hope you will agree with us that we offer something unique to show organisers.  ​We are very keen to attend new shows; should you be interested then please contact our Roadshow Events Manager.

Val Price

Mobile:  07752 682135


Live Steam Papyrus Have a Go.jpg

The OOLS Roadshow Dimensions

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