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OOLS Club Roadshow Layout

Exhibition Manger Information

We are the 00 Live Steam Club, You may have heard of us?

We see our role as supporting Hornby Live Steam and showing owners and potential owners how to get the best out of their Hornby live steam locos. After all, even though they were made for a relatively short time there are over 14,000 of them out there!

We do this via our website and also via our interactive Roadshow . The Club Roadshow layout has been designed specifically for use at exhibitions and includes the following:-

An outer track and driving position designed to allow visitors to the show to 'have a go' at driving a real steam train. 

In the first instance we train the public and live steam owners on the correct way to 'drive' these amazing locos,

we show visitors how to drive a live steam loco on a rolling road and once competent, on the main layout.

The “driver” does not need his own loco he can use one of ours.

Visitors may bring their own OOLS loco and safely see it run on a large layout.

We also provide a "Health Clinic" to assist with any faulty or under performing locos.

Why should you invite the OOLS Roadshow to your event?


Our offering is a layout, the 'Have a Go' driver training experience and 'Health Clinic'.

The layout has two independent upper circuits and over 90% of the time there will be trains running.

It is a significant attraction. Visitors to your show can 'Have a Go' and be taught 'hands on' how to drive the locos - an enjoyable experience for them.

We invite club members to the events to run their own locos - an opportunity for them.

We provide a 'Health Clinic' to assist people with faulty or poorly performing locos.

The Roadshow Operating Team work hard to ensure that visitors to the Roadshow all have a good time, contributing to the overall show 'feel good' factor' and in addition, we publicize our attendance to our several hundred club members.  Those members looking to run a loco or receive some help generate extra footfall for the show.

We hope you will agree with us that we offer something unique to show organisers.

We are are very keen to attend new shows, should you be interested then please contact our Roadshow Events Manager.


Charles Leekham

Mobile:  07585603773


The OOLS Roadshow Dimensions

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