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Club Special

OOLS Limited Edition Loco - No 1


31 of 35 sold - only four remaining!

A4 Pacific - 'Experimental Purple'

£275 + Donor Loco

We do make every effort to offer items through the club shop to enhance the enjoyment of our hobby.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have more than one loco or more than one type of loco and would like to have more, but not necessarily the same again so we have decided to offer some limited edition locos that we hope will enhance your collection and may build value over time. This is not a new locomotive build, but a change to those that are already out there. As a club we do not have the resources to build a new live steam loco from scratch, but we can offer something different using one of your existing Hornby locos as a donor.

The first of these limited editions will be based on the Hornby live steam A4 pacific. As many of you know over the years the A4’s appeared in up to seven different liveries. At the time of nationalisation in 1948, British Railways wished to standardise the liveries of their mainline express locomotives and one of the liveries they tried became known as “experimental purple” with four A4’s carrying this livery from 1948 through to 1950. They were :-

60024 Kingfisher
60027 Merlin
60028 Walter K Whigham
60029 Woodcock.

We plan to offer up to and no more than 35 of these locos. Why 35? :-

Only 35 A4’s were built originally.
By limiting the number, we hope to increase desirability and therefore value over time.

So how will it work? - We have engaged Warren Haywood to paint the loco and tender bodies. Warren has been building and painting models for over 30 years and produces work of excellent quality.

Should you wish to have one of these unique models you will need to donate a loco, ideally a Dwight D Eisenhower or a Golden Fleece. This is the most cost efficient method as there are no valances to remove and the wheels are already black. You can use a Mallard body, but you will need to cut off the valances and change the wheels from red to black.

In addition to the livery change, each loco will have a limited edition certificate authenticated by Richard Hallam our club president and inventor of the OO live steam system.

All you need to do is decide which of the four names you would like and provide a donor loco.
If you don’t have one, the club may be able to help so please get in touch.

The cost of the conversion of your loco along with a limited edition certificate is £295 plus postage.

We are more than happy to answer any questions and give any help needed. To make a purchase please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contact details are Chris Oakes
Telephone : 07971 403286

Don’t delay only 35 will be available.

The club continuously monitor market prices to ensure that the price offered to members is a fair one.

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