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The Silver Jubilee

The magazine of the OO Live Steam Club

The inaugural Issue 1 of  the OOLS Club newsletter was first published in October 2011 and the first four were published under a general 'Newsletter' banner.


For Issue 5, pubished in September 2013 the OOLS Club newsletter adopted the title 'The Silver Jubilee' in honour of t Britain‟s very successful first streamlined train. This consisted of the newly designed A4 locomotive coupled to 7 streamlined coaches which had valences between the bogies and flexible covers over the coach ends - a twin- articulated First Class, a triple articulated Restaurant & Kitchen set, and a twin-articulated Third Class with a total train capacity for 198 passengers. 

The content of the magazine is dependant on articles submitted by members so the publication frequency is up to you , the club members.  

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Silver Jubilee Issue 5
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